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About Us

About Us

We believe every person that comes in has a very individual set of problems that they’re looking for us to fix for them and to do so we have to come up with very specific unique solutions.

My name is Erin Papp. I'm the optometrist here at Luxe Vision and Optical. We are a full-service eye care office. We treat patients from zero to hundred. We treat your grandmother's macular degeneration and even slow down your kid's nearsightedness. We love thinking outside the box to fix your specific problems.

What Our Patient Say

"What I love about Dr. Papp, she really listens to me to my needs and that's how I believe she is successful in providing me with an excellent pair of glasses. This office not only provides a doctor that is caring but the technology to back up everything that she needs to provide me not only with my excellent eye health but then with an excellent pair of glasses."

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